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Accessibility Guidelines

What is accessibility?

Accessibility refers to the possibility for everyone, regardless of physical or technological readiness, such as people with disabilities, to access and use technology and information products.

What is the University policy regarding accessibility?

It is the policy of The University of Southern Mississippi that all official University information published on University Web sites shall be accessible to all users. The University has adopted the access standards of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and therefore all Web pages containing official University information that are built, updated or revised after the effective date of this policy must comply with Section 508 requirements. Section 508 establishes only a minimum standard for accessibility and Web pages; developers are encouraged to go beyond the minimum whenever possible.

How do I make my site accessible?

Here are 2 excellent sites that provide guidelines: and Web Accessibility For All.

When designing your site, you can test individual pages using Watchfire WebXACT, a free online service.

More campus resources:

Please visit the Office for Disability Accommodations and the Institute for Disability Studies.


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