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PR Web Team - About Us

Who We Are

Marketing and Public Relations Web Team

Our team is a part of the Department of Marketing and Public Relations. Our mission is to ensure a useful, unified and visually appealing University Web presence.

What We Do

Oversee the University Web Site

Every page of the University Web site not only supplies information, but also says something about the University as a whole. Our job is to make sure that each page represents the high quality education that the University has to offer and ensure that these diverse pages still represent the University as one cohesive unit.

Develop Long-term Web Development Strategies in Coordination with iTech

As the University and technology change, we must continually look for ways to better meet the Web needs of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other members of the Southern Miss community. We work alongside iTech to plan forward-thinking strategies to meet these needs.

How can we help you?

Guide You through Site Redesigns

If your office or department is interested in a site redesign, our team can help walk you through this process. We will help you define a process, provide guidelines and templates as well as help you with any special needs your department may have.

Provide Site Templates

We provide templates to match the current main site’s design. Using these templates gives the University a unified Web presence, but still allows for individual departments’ needs and tastes.

Approve Your New Site

After going through a site redesign, we provide an official approval of the site to ensure that the site is clear, helpful, functional, and meets federal accessibility requirements.

Coordinate a Way to Keep Your Site up to Date

If you currently do not have someone updating your Web site, we will work with you to find a way to ensure that your site stays up to date.

Take Your Feedback on How to Improve

If you have suggestions on how or can be improved, we welcome your input. Feel free to e-mail us at with your suggestions so we can continually meet the needs of those who use the site.

Coordinate USM Mailout

Our team coordinates USM Mailout – the University-wide broadcast e-mail system. Please visit for instructions on how to submit a message and to view pertinent deadlines for weekly delivery.

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