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Welcome to the Southern Miss Nurse Practitioner Reesource Page. This site is created to exchange communication among our current students, clinical preceptors, faculty, and the community of interest who would like to contribute to the education of our nurse practitioner students. 


About Our Programs

The NP programs are designed for either full time or part time study. While the majority of the didactic content is taught in a distance education format, there are minimal campus requirements that must be considered as an integral part of your program of study. These are scheduled sessions in which skill building and evaluation processes are implemented to ensure that the student is assimilating and applying knowledge in an appropriate manner. Students can expect a minimum of 9 required campus visits over the full MSN program of study. You will be notified with ample time to arrange your obligations to meet these campus requirements. Campus visits are required for the following courses in the prescribed program of study:

  1. NSG  803
    • Two one-day visits for standardized evaluation
  2. NSG  667
    • One two-day visit for skill building at the beginning of the semester
    • One OSCE Evaluation mid-semester
  3. NSG  668
    • One OSCE Evaluation   

The first semester of full time study can be completed totally online with no campus requirements.  When you begin Health Assessment there are 2-3 required visits to examine standardized patients. When you begin the clinical portion in your last year, you will again come to campus for one evaluation per semester with standardized patients for each clinical course.

Students are required to earn a minimum grade of C (76%) in all courses. All clinical practicum are scheduled with community based preceptors as close to students’ home community as possible. The clinical site coordinator will work with you to ensure an appropriate clinical assignment to meet your personal learning objectives and to meet your course requirements.

While we make every effort to be flexible in clinical site assignments to meet student learning needs and preferences, we cannot provide clinical placement opportunities outside of the state of Mississippi. For this reason, we currently do not accept students without a valid Mississippi RN license.  If a student must relocate to another state after acceptance, we will not be able to continue their enrollment in the concentration.