ADA/Section 504 Committee Members

Southern Miss’s ADA/Section 504 Committee has members representing the university colleges, faculty, staff, Gulf Coast campus employees, persons with disabilities and students. Functioning as a liaison group, the committee provides feedback to ODA and assists in increasing disability awareness on Southern Miss’s campuses in an outreach, grass-roots manner. To share your ideas for improving campus access, call ODA or you can contact one of the ADA Committee Members. Below is the list of all ADA Committee members with the area that each represents and their contact information.

ADA/Section 504 Committee Members’ Names, Area Represented and Phone Numbers

Clint Atkins - Safety Officer and Physical Plant, 266.4414

Josh McAlpin - Physical Plant Project Manager, 266.4414

Geoff Locicero - Public Relations, 266.4491

Matthew Quin - Counseling Center, 266.4829

Jeffery May - i-Tech, 266.6203

Jake Kuennen - Athletics, 266.5017

Justin Long - Residence Life, 266.4783

Jennifer Hatten - Parking Management, 266.4944

Susan Rayborn - Learning Enhancement Center, 266.5518

Suzy Hebert - Disability Accommodations, 266.5024

Marks Elder - Disability Accommodations, 266.5024

Karen Lott - Disability Accommodations, 266.5024

Scott Dossett - Disability Accommodations, 266.5024

Robin Johnson - Coast Staff, 228.214.3432

Rebecca Anderson - Coast Staff, 228.214.3459

JoAnn Johnson - Research, Centers & Institutes, 266.5997

Dr. Nancy Bounds, Interior Design, 266.4430

Dr. Jamye Foster - College of Business, Faculty, 266.4673

Dr. Jon Beedle -College of Education & Psychology, Faculty, 266.4446

Dr. Emily Stanback - College of Arts & Letters, Faculty, 266.4319

Jerry Purvis - College of Health, 266.5371

Dr. Glenn Bond - College of Science & Technology, Faculty, 266.4949

Darren Holland - Student Representative

Justin Martin - Student Representative

Ryan Arnold - Student Representative

Committee Officers

Chair: Robin Johnson

Co-Chair: Dr. Jon Beedle

Secretary: Suzy Hebert