Campus Construction

To maintain a safe and accessible environment, ODA works closely with the Safety Office and other campus departments. If buildings or areas on campus are undergoing construction, alternate accessible routes will be available. If a student experiences difficulty traveling a route or accessing campus locations because of construction, for assistance he/she can call:

The Southern Miss Safety Office
The University Police601.266.4986

Students should immediately report accessibility or travel hazards to an ODA staff member, the Southern Miss Safety Office, or the University Police.

Procedures have been established for the Safety Office to provide advance notice to ODA about construction plans. Upon notification of such plans, ODA relays information about road closures, alternate travel routes, and parking changes to students with significant visual and mobility problems. If you would like ODA to contact you about construction alerts, please inform ODA.

Alert #1: College Hall Renovation

Start Date: December 2011

Projected Completion Date: Spring 2013

Accessible Pedestrian Walkways:

The east-west sidewalk on the south side of College Hall is blocked by construction so pedestrians can use the sidewalk across the street, on the south side of Southern Miss Drive.

Stout Hall’s Accessible Entrance:

The accessible entrance to Stout Hall has been moved. (Stout Hall is connected to and is north of College Hall). To replace the blocked entrance, two accessible entrances will be added, one on the east side and the other on the wet of Stout Hall.

Alert #2:  North 31st Plaza Construction

Start Date: May 2012

Projected Completion Date: January 2013

Accessible Pedestrian Walkways:
Due to the construction of the plaza on North 31st Street between Joseph Green Hall and the Liberal Arts Building and International Building, pedestrians should use the accessible pathways on Pearl Street and on Montague Boulevard.

Alert #3:  Construction of College of Business Building

Start Date:  July 2012

Projected Completion Date: Not determined

Closure of Pedestrian Walkway:
Due to the construction of the new College of Business Building, a section of the sidewalk along Hwy 49 Service Drive, from the north side of the Trent Lott Building to 4th Street, will be closed.