Alerts, Shut Downs & Detours


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  • International Center Parking Lot

The parking lot between the International Center and the Baptist Student Union will be closed Monday, Dec. 15 through Tuesday, January 20 for installation of utility lines for the Asbury Hall construction site. 

  • North 31st Avenue Parking Lot Closed

The parking lot on the corner of North 31st Avenue and Pearl Street, south of the Liberal Arts Building, is closed for construction of a new paved lot. The scheduled for completion has been revised, and the entire lot will now be complete in January.  Once complete the lot will include 148 spaces designated for Faculty/Staff and Open Zone parking. 


  • Union Complex Elevator

Replacement of the Union Complex elevator, located just north of Subway and Chick-Fil-A, is currently underway. Expect loud noises during the demolition process. The installation of a new elevator will begin shortly after demolition is complete, with an estimated project completion date of February 2015.




There are currently no detours.