Projects in Progress

Major Projects, Renovations and Upgrades

Scianna Hall
Rendering of Scianna Hall

Site preparation and construction began in late June 2012 for the 90,000-square-foot structure, that will stand next to the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship. The future home of the College of Business is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2015.  Impact: All of the parking available in Loyalty Field, has been blocked, and will not re-open. Additional parking is available in the parking garage. Other disruptions to power or water may occur, but will be coordinated or communicated accordingly.

Asbury Hall
College of Nursing - Asbury Hall

To be located on the western edge of campus on the corner of Montague and Ross Boulevard, this state-of-the-art facility will increase the square footage dedicated to the College of Nursing by 135 percent. The building will feature student interactive areas, an enlarged & enhanced clinical simulation lab, as well as computer labs and classrooms. Construction began in June of 2014, with an estimated completion in the Summer of 2016.

Impact: The spaces in the Theatre & Dance parking lot, from Ross Boulevard to the Wesley Foundation building have been permanetly consumed by the project.  Additional outages or interruptions will me announced as the project progresses.

Century Park South
Century Park South

To be built in accordance with the university’s master plan, the 954-bed residential complex will include a new student medial clinic, the Luckyday Scholarship administrative offices and a multi-purpose park.

Impact: The project will be completed in two phases: demolition and construction. During the demolition phase, Vann Hall, Scott Hall and the east end of Bond Hall were torn down. Expect loud noises in the surrounding areas, as well as an abundance of dust. When the construction phase began, Black and Gold Ave, and its associated parking from the west end of Thad Cochran to the west end of the Football Field House, were absorbed by the project. Demolition began in August or September of 2012, with construction completion of buildings B and C in July 2014, and Building A in January 2015. There will be scheduled outages associated with the demolition and construction phases of this project. At times there may be street closures and detours, all of which will be coordinated and communicated as necessary.

Energy Reduction Retrofits

Committed to providing the maximum reduction in energy costs, the Physical Plant will upgrade and make additions to the University’s HVAC control infrastructure. Energy Reduction retrofits will include incorporation of new technologies into the 11 chiller plants and various buildings. Begun in May of 2012, the energy improvements and repairs will continue through 2014. Impact: Chiller plant shut downs, which will affect the air conditioning of designated buildings, will be scheduled primarily on weekends, holidays and periods when the least number of students, faculty and staff are affected.

Campus Lighting Upgrades - Phase II

With the goal of reducing utility costs on the Hattiesburg campus, the second phase of the Campus Lighting Upgrade took place during the holiday break of 2012. Phase one of the upgrades added lighting improvements to the outdoor walking areas from McLemore to Southern Hall. Phase two of the upgrade will include the replacement of outdoor lighting with new energy efficient LED fixtures, in the areas between Southern Miss Drive and Centennial Lawn. The project will also include the installation of six new code blue emergency phones. 


Other Projects in Progress 

  • Aubrey Lucas Administration Terracotta & Foundation Repairs Completion Date: 2016
  • Bond Hall East Renovations Completion Date: TBD
  • Demolition of Houses & Trailers Completion Date: Ongoing
  • Hillcrest Roof Project Completion Date: Summer 2015
  • Joseph Green Hall Renovations Completion Date: TBD
  • Polymer Science HVAC Upgrade Completion Date: May 2015
  • Pride Field Band Tower Completion Date: August 2015 
  • Pride Field to Scianna Hall Pedestrian Pathway Completion Date: July 2016
  • Pride Field Turf Replacement Completion Date: Spring 2016
  • Soccer Field Upgrade Completion Date: August 2015
  • Walker Science HVAC Upgrade Completion Date: 2015


Tornado Related Projects

  • Arthell Kelley Hall Status: Complete
  • Aubrey Lucas Administration Building Status: Complete
  • Center for Community Engagement Status: Demolition complete 
  • College Hall Status: Roof reparis in progress
  • Community Health Science Status: Demolition complete 
  • Elam Arms Status: Demolition complete
  • Fence & Landscape Project Status: Repairs complete
  • George Hurst Building Status: Renovations in progress  
  • Hattiesburg Hall Status: Complete
  • Honor House  Status: Complete
  • Human Performance & Recreation Status: Complete
  • Information Center/Police Kiosk Status: Complete
  • Jazz Station Status: Demolition complete
  • Joseph Greene Hall Status: Complete
  • Kennard-Washington Hall Status: Complete
  • Landscape Restoration & Enhancement Plan Status: Complete
  • Leech House Status: Demolition complete
  • M.M. Roberts Stadium Field Resurface Status: Complete
  • M.M. Roberts Stadium Score Board Status: Complete
  • Mannoni Performing Arts Center Status: Renovations in progress
  • Marsh Hall Status: Complete
  • McCain Library Status: Complete
  • McLemore Hall Status: Complete
  • Ogletree Alumni House Status: Complete 
  • Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention House Status: Demolition complete
  • Softball Facility Status: Complete
  • Southern Hall Status: Complete
  • Trent Lott Center Status: Complete
  • Yelverton House Status: Demolition Complete