Charles Tibedo

Graduate Assistant

Charles Roger Tibedo was born in Massachusetts, but never had a single place that he called home. Having been raised in many locations across the United States, he developed an early passion for traveling and studying the diverse cultures of this world.   After graduating with a B.A. in Psychology from Clark University in 2001, he set his sights on the Southwest where he conducted ethnographic field research to document threats to the continuity of traditional Southwestern Native American culture as youth increasingly began to 'walk between the two worlds' of their own and mainstream Western culture.  This work culminated in Charles earning an M.A. in Social Sciences, after which he began to focus on at-risk and gifted youth within mainstream education.  Charles's efforts led to the development of new programs at the K-12 level to support at-risk and gifted youth, which prompted him to pursue a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. Charles soon became a leader in the public school system in Florida.  During his time in the public-school system Charles led many initiatives at the district and state levels that targeted a broad array of educational goals including; advancing educational opportunities for advanced and gifted students; designing and leading a multi-year training program with the University of Southern Florida and local school districts to assist Florida's instructional personnel with integrating newly created state and national standards; developing cutting-edge online courses in World History, U.S. History, and Economics; and leading the development and implementation of new assessment systems designed to improve the effectiveness of Social Studies education at the secondary level.  At the center of each of Charles's efforts there has always been a desire to stimulate in others the passion for understanding the historical trajectory of the world's diverse cultures within a broader context of political, economic, and social developments on an international level.  This desire led Charles to enroll in the International Development Program at USM beginning in 2010, where he is developing a research agenda emphasizing the relationship between economic underdevelopment and macroeconomic policy management. In particular, Charles is focusing on financial and political reforms that can provide developing countries with the necessary policy space to implement effective macroeconomic stabilization policies, ones that also have the ability to promote the development of human capital in addition to achieving growth and price stability.  Inevitably, macroeconomic policy is the anchor for any country's educational system.  Thus, in 2011, Charles moved beyond the traditional classroom to focus his efforts on developing integrated learning solutions for developing countries that can be implemented and sustained even within the context of macroeconomic as well as policy instability.  He expects to graduate in 2014.