Paralegal Studies


The growing demand for legal services has placed great stress on attorneys to provide efficient and effective legal assistance. Paralegals--who, as nonlawyers, are legally restricted from practicing law--assist attorneys in meeting this demand and aid in delivering legal services more efficiently and economically.

As the paralegal field continues to grow, the demand for paralegals remains high. Career opportunities for paralegals exist in private law firms, government offices, and businesses such as banks, corporations, and insurance companies. Law libraries, paralegal education, and freelance paralegal work provide additional career opportunities for paralegals.


The mission of the Paralegal Studies program is to provide students with a well-rounded liberal arts education, including the legal terminology, concepts, and skills necessary to function effectively in the legal profession, whether in a private law firm, business, or government environment.

Degree Requirements

Courses Offered

A Four Year Road Map



*Paralegal many not provide legal services to the public except as permitted by law.