Prebble Ramswell

Ramswell earned BA degrees in Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology from the University of Houston, and an MLA from Texas Christian University.  A Texas native, Ramswell accepted a position with the federal government in 2002 and subsequently moved to the Washington, D.C. area to work in counterterrorism.  A collegiate athlete, Ramswell competed as Division I swimmer before also coaching at the D-I and USA Swimming levels. As a coach, she earned a top 5-8% ranking among all coaches in the United States before switching professions.

Ramswell also works in communications as a writer, editor and actress. Appearing in numerous films and commercials, Prebble chiefly worked as a DJ and traffic reporter for several stations in Texas and has voiced commercials nationwide. An active alum of Delta Delta Delta, she also speaks/reads Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, and serves on the board of the Junior League of the Emerald Coast.  Ramswell focuses on Political/Security and Socio-Cultural studies while pursuing research interests including counterterrorism, the success rate of US intervention and socio-cultural impacts of nation-state rebuilding. Prebble lives in Destin, FL, with her husband, Tony, and daughter, Briar.