James W. Rawlins

Associate Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering

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B.S., Polymer Science in 1993, and Ph.D., Polymer Science and Engineering in 1999, University of Southern Mississippi; Highland International, Inc., Technical Director, 1999-2000; Bayer Corporation, Senior Research Chemist/Technical Marketing Manager of Powder Coating Raw Materials, 2000-2004; Associate Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Southern Mississippi, 2004-present.

Research Areas

Polymer science and engineering; Polymer and monomer synthesis and design for thermosetting systems; Protective, decorative, and functional Coatings; Polymer interpenetrating networks; Forensic analysis of polymers, coatings, adhesives, fibers, films; Compatible and incompatible blending in crosslinked polymer systems; Nanoencapsulation for embedded raw material delivery; Emulsion and miniemulsion polymerization; Polymeric photovoltaic materials; Polymer synthesis and healing via enzymatic catalysis, Structure property-relationships with thermoplastic, crosslinked, and hybrid polymeric materials; Raw material development from natural and renewable resources; Self-decontamination coatings for ChemBio agents.

Recent Publications & Patents


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