Jeffrey S. Wiggins

Director of the School of Polymers and Associate Professor


B.Sc., Industrial Technology, 1988, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA; Ph.D., Polymer Science, 1992, The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS; Executive M.B.A., 1996, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA; (1992-1997) Bayer Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, 1992 Senior Polymer Chemist; 1994 Manager, TPU Development; 1996 Technical Director, TPU; (1997-2002) Nike IHM Inc; 1997 Polymer Research Manager; 1998 Technical Director, Research and Manufacturing Engineering; 2000 Oregon General Manager; (2003- Present) The University of Southern Mississippi; 2003-2004 Visiting Scientist; 2005-2011 Assistant Professor, 2011-Present Associate Professor and Interim School Director

Research Areas

Sports and High Performance Materials, Glassy Polymer Networks, Sustainable and Degradable Polymers, Reaction Extrusion and Polymer Processing.

Recent Publications

  1. Fluid ingress strain analysis of glassy polymer networks using digital image correlation Jackson, Matthew B.; Heinz, Stephen R.; Wiggins, Jeffrey S. Polymer Testing, 2012, 31, 1131-1139.
  2. Investigation of pre-reaction and cure temperature on multiscale dispersion in POSS-epoxy nanocomposites Frank, Katherine L.; Exley, Sarah E.; Thornell, Travis L.; Morgan, Sarah E.; Wiggins, Jeffrey S. Polymer, 2012, 53, 4643-4651.
  3. Effect of free volume hole size on fluid ingress of glassy epoxy networks Jackson, Matthew  B., Kaushik, Mukul, Nazarenko, Sergei, Ward, Steven, Maskell, Rob, Wiggins, Jeffrey S. Polymer, 2011, 52(20) 4528.
  4. Alternating copolymer of pyridine and 1,4-diphenyl-1,2,4,5-tetrazine from bis-1,3-dipolar cycloaddition polymerization Sayed, Abdelwahed R.; Wiggins, Jeffrey S. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2011, 120(2), 623.
  5. Multifunctional thiols as additives in UV-cured PEG-diacrylate membranes for CO2 separation Kwisnek, Luke; Heinz, Stephen; Wiggins, Jeffrey S; Nazarenko, Sergei; Journal of Membrane Science,  2011, 369(1-2), 429-436.
  6. Uniaxial Compression Analysis Of Glassy Polymer Networks Using Digital Image Correlation, S.R. Heinz and J.S. Wiggins, Polymer Testing, 2010, 29, 925.
  7. Ambient cure POSS-epoxy matrices for marine composites, S.J. Tucker, S. Kar, B. Fu and J.S. Wiggins, Comp. Pt A:  Appl. Sci. and Mfg., 2010, 41, 1441.