Sergei I. Nazarenko

Associate Professor

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1982B.Sc.,Chemical Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia
1988Ph.D., Physics and Mathematics (Polymer Physics), Russian Academy of Sciences
1988-1990Postdoctoral Research Fellow, USSR Academy of Sciences, N.N. Semenov's Institute of Chemical Physics
1990-1997Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, Case Western Reserve University
1997-2003Assistant Professor of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
2004-presentAssistant Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering, School of Polymers and High Performance Materials, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi














Transport phenomena in polymers and polymer based materials: diffusion of small molecules, polymer chain interdiffusion, and chain mobility; Development of advanced materials for high barrier packaging, coating, separations, and drug delivery applications; The glassy state: steady state and relaxation, probing and modeling of free volume; Positron lifetime spectroscopy of polymers; Responsive materials and nanotechnology;


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