Common Errors When Submitting Travel Paperwork

The following items are commonly missed areas when travel paperwork is submitted. Please use the checklist below to verify that you have all the documentation required for your request. This will help ensure that your paperwork is processed in a timely manner.


  • The Departmental Chartfield (Fund/ Dept.-ID/ Program/ Proj-Grant). Cannot pay without it.
  •  Each Chartfield (change or split) needs to be approved by each Expenditure Authority.
  •  Signature from: Payee/Traveler, Chair or Higher Expenditure Authority, Dean, Vice President (No employee can approve his/her own travel)
  •  Dates of Travel
  •  SS number
  •  W-9 FORM (if never reimbursed by travel)
  •  Chair or Next Higher Expenditure Authority Signature is not legible – Print below signature as required.
  •  Signature Authority not authorized for the chartfield used. (check Eagle Vision to avoid delays)
  •  Complete a “Travel Voucher” and attach receipts to be reimbursed. (see website for forms) Attach a copy of your approved Permission to Travel Form.  Any   changes on the PTT must be approved by signature authority. REQUIRED FOR CONFERENCES & ORGANIZED MEETINGS.
  •  “Original” Itemize Hotel bill required (Express check out not allowed by State)
  •  “Original” Gasoline receipt required (credit card statement is not acceptable)
  •  “Original” Itemize Rental Car receipt required. Handwritten or Summary not accepted.  (also required for proof of rental for fuel reimbursement)
  •  All rental cars should be booked through State Contract Provider. A waiver is required for booking that exceeds the contract rates. (See website for link and instructions)
  • Waiver Required: Hotel exceeds conference rate; Authority to pay a hotel other than the conference hotel; Amount greater than state contract rate for rental car
  •  Parking or Taxi receipt required (original receipts if in excess of $10.00/per expense)
  • Airline E-Ticket or Airline Passenger Receipt reflecting proof of payment required.
  • Paid Registration receipt required. (Cancelled check, electronic transaction, original receipt) a photocopy of check not acceptable.
  • Indicate if additional meal is for employee authorized to travel.  If not employee, SUBMIT a completed BREF (Business Related Expense Form). 
  • Mileage reimbursement cannot exceed the cost of airline coach ticket and total cost of flying. (Obtain cost of airfare, along with other justification to support your total costs of driving is less) Attach to travel voucher. (See website for policy)
  • Provide place of lodging in order to be reimbursed for meals (State will not allow us to reimburse for a day trip).
  • Travel Advance and Registration Fee payment policy changed 7/09. Review Policy on website for more information.
  • All foreign travel receipts must be converted in US Dollars written on the receipt (use conversion rate for date trip starts) by traveler.  Attach proof of official rate of change for the date of travel voucher.
  • Submit conference literature showing the conference hotel rates or a copy of the registration form that includes the housing reservation information. (A state requirement)
  • Submit to Accounts Payable on an Employee Reimbursement Form for reimbursement (cannot be reimbursed on a travel voucher)
  • Submit to Purchasing on a P.O to be reimbursed (Dues, abstracts, memberships cannot be reimbursed by travel)


Requesting the items above, helps the UNIVERSITY stay in compliance with the State travel requirements in preparation for annual audit.