Important Points Related to Travel


» Do Not Send CASH in Campus Mail! If cash is sent through campus mail and the funds are lost, the Employee will remain responsible for the balance of the unspent advanced funds.

» Submit your completed Permission to Travel form at least three weeks prior to travel (90 days for international travel)

» Keep a copies of the completed Permission to Travel form, Employee Travel Voucher form, Remittance Voucher form, and all credit card statements and receipts.

» Please make sure you have an approving signature on your forms. AN EMPLOYEE CANNOT APPROVE HIS/HER OWN TRAVEL. The approval should come from the next higher expenditure authority above the employee who is traveling.

» Employee Travel Vouchers and Remittance Vouchers received in the Travel Office by 5 PM Wednesday will be paid within three weeks after submission UNLESS the voucher has to be returned to the employee for a correction or missing documentation. Reimbursement checks will be mailed to the Department's box number.

» In order to pay conference or workshop registration fees the Pcard can be used as the preferred method (see the following link), another method is to complete the Registration Check Request with a copy of the approved Permission to Travel form and the completed registration form to the Travel Office. To insure that the payment is received on time for the conference, send the Registration Check Request to the Travel Office at least 1 month prior to the due date of registration.

» In order to reimburse a non-university employee for travel expenses, submit a Remittance Voucher. Receipts are required for airfare (passenger receipt), car rental, hotel, parking, and supplies. Send to Procurement Box 5104.

» Complete a Business Related Expense form and attach to the Employee Travel Voucher if employee pays for one or more non-university person's meal expenses while on university travel.

» In order for an employee to be issued payment for airfare costs prior to completion of the trip, the university will require submission of a completed Employee Travel Voucher. A copy of the airline E-ticket reflecting payment, a copy of the passenger receipt, or copy of the credit card statement (credit card number should be marked out) reflecting the airline charge MUST be attached to the Employee Travel Voucher.

» When in doubt, get original itemized receipts for all purchases related to travel. Keep all email confirmations, ticket stubs, credit card statements, and receipts for all transactions related to travel to be submitted with your travel reimbursement forms.