Alumni Professional Development Summit Sessions' Descriptions

Getting the Most Out of Social Media
Thomas Broadus, M.A.
As a business, there are hundreds of social media tools to help bring more customers to your door. This session will discuss which networks will work for you to improve your company and which social networks are just wasting your time.


Tweets for Hire
Bradley Charlesworth, B.S.
This session will provide participants with practical information on how to use social media to market themselves and improve their personal brand for career advancement and professional opportunities. Tips offered for various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs and more will be provided.


Wage Hour Laws and Your Business
Van Craft, B.S.
This session will provide a brief overview of Federal Wage Hour laws and tips to keep your business in compliance.


Obesity Prevention in Mississippi: Past and Current Efforts to Prevent Obesity and Obesity Related Chronic Illnesses
LaShaundrea Crook, M.S., R.D.
In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control reported that 34% of adults and 18% of adolescents in Mississippi were obese.  In the past decade, there have been many efforts to prevent obesity and improve the health status of those living in Mississippi. This session will address obesity and its effect on the health status of adolescents and adults in Mississippi. It will also describe past and current statewide efforts to prevent obesity, to include those of the College of Health. 


So You Think You Know About Mental Illness? Think Again...
Johnny Hansell, M.P.H. and Kyle Birdwell, M.S.W.
This session will provide information that will help participants understand the linkage of depression and suicide, the continuum of mental health and what are some mental illnesses and serious emotional disturbances. In addition, the role that teachers and individuals can play and an overview of the Shatter the Silence Campaign, Youth Suicide in Mississippi will be provided. 


Professionals Letting Go? No way!
Stacey Blalock Henry, Ph.D., L.M.F.T.
This session is a practical, down-to-earth talk that teaches professionals skills for de-stressing and bringing more balance and ease into their daily challenges, communications and relationships. Participants will understand how managing stressful emotions can improve their health, well-being and relationships. Participants will be motivated with simple steps to apply daily for improving their self care, to decrease their stress and to learn to LET GO! Protecting one’s mental health is priority.


Starting and Maintaining Your Small Business
Annie McMillan, B.S.
This session will provide detailed steps to starting and maintaining a small business.  We will discuss developing small business plans, key financial information that must be developed and maintained for small businesses, as well as the importance of developing a roadmap for small business ventures and consistently referring to it.  Additionally, we will talk about the importance of building a favorable credit history and what to do if your current history is not favorable.  Finally, we will discuss non-traditional and/or non-conforming small business loans and how to tap into those resources.


Creating Productive Work Environments Across the Generations: Emerging Adults in Today’s Workplace
Amy Chasteen Miller, Ph.D.
This session will present research on unique characteristics of today’s 18-25 year olds and discuss implications for the workplace and explore how the life experiences of this generation have altered their perspectives, skills, and challenges and thus shifted the nature of the contemporary workplace. Supervisors and older co-workers must familiarize themselves with information about this generation and learn new, creative ways of working with these “emerging adults.” 


Affordable Care Act-Healthcare Reform
Joseph Parker, Jr.
This session will cover information the individual and business needs to know about the Affordable Care Act.


An Artful Revolution
Tom Pearson, Ed.D.
Participants will be provided data on student achievement when the Arts strategies are integrated into the regular classroom curriculum. Multiple learning styles, 21st Century skills and the Common Core’s relationship to the Arts will be demonstrated with best practices. The value of the arts and their place in the new creative economy will be discussed 


New Technology: Some of the hottest technologies and applications and how it can make life run more smoothly 
David Sliman, B.S. and Jeff May, B.S.
This session will provide a brief overview of some of the latest technologies, how they are being used and how they benefit in your personal and work life.


The Arts Classroom Environment and Discovering the Essentials for Integrity and Growth in the Arts
Tammy Stanford, BFA
This session will explore the studio practices of the Mississippi School of the Arts and the rigorous arts environment in which young artists thrive and flourish. Participants will practice beneficial techniques and strategies used in dance, theater, vocal and visual arts classrooms; practice facilitating student critiques of art using aspects of Liz Lerman’s “Critical Response” and Dr. David Bohm’s “Principles of Dialogue” and experience Tammy Standford’s unique teaching strategies “Construct and De-struct and “Eye of the Beholder”, that can be immediately applied to the classroom to create classroom unity and and a sense of art culture for all ages.