Academic Leadership Council

  • Dr. Steven Moser
    Interim Provost
    Lucas Administration Building 204
    PO Box 5002
    Phone: (601) 266-5002
    Assistant:  Cindy Davis
  • Ms. Jennifer Anderson
    President-Faculty Senate
    Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
    PO Box 9660
    Phone: (601) 266-6823
  • Dr.  Gordon Cannon
    Vice President for Research
    Lucas Administration Building 202
    PO Box 5116
    Phone: (601) 266-5116
    Assistant:  Denise Casey
  • Ms. Linda Dorsey
    Office of the Provost Budget and Personnel Coordinator
    Lucas Administration Building 201
    PO Box 5002
    Phone:(601) 266-6966
  • Dr. John Eye
    Dean/University Librarian-University Libraries 
    Cook Library
    PO Box 5146
    Phone:(601) 266-4241
    Assistant: Crystal Ingram
  • Ms. Allison Gillespie
    Assistant to the Provost for Academic Affairs
    Lucas Administration Building 201B
    PO Box 5002
    Phone:(601) 266-6573
  • Dr. David Hayhurst
    Dean-College of Science and Technology 
    Bobby Chain Technology Center 103
    PO Box 5165
    Phone:(601) 266-4883
    Assistant: Fran Flexter
  • Ms. Debby Hill
    Assistant to the Provost for Operations
    Lucas Administration Building 205 (North Alcove)
    PO Box 5002
    Phone:(601) 266-6579
  • Dr. Wayne Kelly
    Chair-Council of Chairs
    Department of Finance, Real Estate, and Business Law
    PO Box 5076
    Phone: (601) 266-4959
  • Ms. Sheri Lyons
    Director-Learning Enhancement Center
    International Center 315
    PO Box 9649
    Phone:(601) 266-5518
  • Dr. Amy Miller
    Associate Provost for Academic Excellence
    Lucas Administration Building 201A
    PO Box 5002
    Phone:(601) 266-6579
  • Dr. Larry Sparkman
    Interim Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management and Dean of Admissions
    Kennard Washington Hall
    PO Box 5101
    Phone:(601) 266-6187
  • Dr. Katherine Nugent
    Dean-College of Nursing
    Elizabeth Harkins Hall 110
    PO Box 5095
    Phone:(601) 266-5454
  • Dr. Bill Powell
    Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation
    International Center 509
    PO Box 5026
    Phone:(601) 266-4487
  • Dr. Maureen Ryan
    Interim Dean-College of Arts and Letters
    Liberal Arts Building 210
    PO Box 5004
    Phone:(601) 266-4315
    Assistant: Regina Beeson