Classroom Scheduling Policies

1.     The purpose of using Ad Astra scheduling software is for maximum space utilization and efficient room usage.  The Provost Office recognizes that some room space will need to have certain restrictions but other space such as regular lecture rooms will be made available without restrictions.  Priority to room usage may be given to colleges and departments at the discretion of the Provost.

2.     Colleges need to provide written justification for “restricted” rooms.  Some room restrictions are acceptable based on room type, such as Laboratories, Studios, and Conference rooms.  However, written justification needs to be provided to the Provost Office for all Lecture, Lab/Lecture, Auditorium, Starboard, and Seminar rooms.  The Provost will determine if the restriction is warranted.

3.     Highly Visible Undergraduate Classrooms (HVUC) will not be restricted to any departments.  Priority to a specific department may be given for some HVUC rooms, but none will be restricted.  Again, priority to room usage may be granted at the discretion of the Provost.

4.     In cases where priority is given to a certain department, if the enrollment of the class is low and the class could be moved to a smaller classroom to allow a larger class to be scheduled in the room, the Provost grants the Registrar’s Office authority to make such decisions.

5.     In cases where no more classroom space is available for a given time period, the Registrar’s Office will send notification to the dean of each college recommending that no more sections may be scheduled for that given time period.  (It is recommended that prior to adding classes after rooms have been assigned departments contact the Registrar’s Office for available space/times.)

6.     All events that are to be scheduled in classroom space will be scheduled through the Registrar’s Office after classroom assignments have been finalized.  Colleges and departments will not be allowed to “hold” classroom space for events thus preventing scheduling for classes.

7.     Colleges and departments must build the class schedule using the University approved standard meeting patterns.  These are listed in PeopleSoft (drop-down options in Schedule of Classes > Meetings tab).  Deviations to this rule must be approved by Academic or Graduate Council and by the Registrar’s Office.  The Registrar’s Office must verify that the new meeting pattern meets IHL guidelines for contact minutes and must know about the meeting pattern to prepare an exam time that doesn’t conflict with established exam times.   Meeting patterns that deviate from the University approved standard meeting patterns also cause room usage conflicts.  Therefore, room assignments for classes with University approved standard meeting patterns will be made first.