Contract/Consortia Agreement



Procedure for Contract/Consortia Agreement Forms


Effective immediately, please use the procedure below for new and renewed contracts and consortia agreements.


1)      Complete the online form (link op_contract_review.pdf ). This form is for internal university use only, not to be distributed to the outside agency.


2)      Print the completed form, and if applicable, attach the appropriate number of original contract/consortia agreements. Secure the requisite signatures (Department/School Chair/Director, Dean).  The Dean/designee will determine if the form/documents are to be forwarded to General Counsel for review.


a)      If so, it should be sent to the Office of the General Counsel for review who will then send it to the Office of the Provost.

b)      If review by the General Counsel is not necessary, send forms directly to the Office of the Provost.


3)      After the final signature (Provost), all forms/documents will be returned to the dean for distribution to appropriate department.  Executed agreements must be maintained by the department for 3 years after the expiration of the contract. No forms or contracts will be kept in the Office of the Provost.


Definitions of Agreement Types as defined for SACS Accreditation purposes


Type 1:  Universities and colleges that Southern Miss accepts courses from via agreement and the courses are not reviewed individually.


Type 2:  Universities and colleges that Southern Miss accepts courses from via agreement and the courses are reviewed by departments.


Type 3:  Professional organizations participating in Southern Miss internships, clinical, and field experiences.  Professionals in these units participate in grading the students.


Type 4:  Universities and colleges that accept Southern Miss courses via agreement e.g. study abroad programs.



Approval Route:  Department, Dean, Office of the Provost, General Counsel