Emeritus Application




Emeritus Status

The University of Southern Mississippi


Criteria for Nomination


The emeritus designation is awarded to faculty members who have served The University of Southern Mississippi with distinction for an extended time.  The status recognizes faculty who have excelled in the areas of teaching, research, and service throughout their careers at the University. Normally, faculty members who desire to remain active in their profession and contribute to the University during their retirement request emeritus status.


Members of the faculty meeting the following criteria are eligible to be considered for emeritus status:

1.    The faculty member has a minimum of ten years of honorable and distinguished service at the University. In exceptional cases, a faculty member who has served the University for fewer years may receive emeritus status.

2.    The faculty member is retiring or is already retired from the faculty.


Procedure for Appointment.  The following procedure applies to the nomination and approval of retiring faculty for emeritus status:

1.    When notified that the faculty member wishes to retire, the chair or director of the faculty member's department or school requests   permission of the retiring faculty member to nominate the faculty member for emeritus status.

2.    If the faculty member agrees to be nominated for emeritus status, he or she completes an application for emeritus status and submits the application, together with a curriculum vitae, to the department chair or director.

3.    After consulting the faculty of the nominee's department for recommendations, the chair or director formally nominates the faculty member by submitting a cover letter, the application, and curriculum vitae to the dean of the nominee's college for approval.

4.    If the dean approves the application, then the application and supporting materials are sent, together with a cover letter, to the Provost for evaluation.

5.    If the Provost approves the application, then the application and supporting materials are sent, together with a cover letter, to the President for evaluation.

6.    If the President approves the application, an agenda item is submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval at the next Board meeting.

7.    The Provost notifies the faculty member by letter whether the application for emeritus status is approved and forwards copies to the dean and department chair or director.


Privileges.  An emeritus faculty member is an honored, non-voting member of the department in which he or she was a member before retirement.  Departments, colleges, and schools are encouraged to invite emeritus faculty to serve as lecturers, substitute instructors, and consultants. Although no longer tenured or eligible for employment benefits, an emeritus faculty member is entitled to the following privileges:


       to be listed separately in the general catalog and university directory following the listing of the regular faculty in those publications;

       to represent the University at ceremonies of other universities and organizations when so appointed by the President;

       to serve on committees, including dissertation, thesis, and faculty committees, if requested by the department chair;

       to enjoy the same library and computer privileges as active members of the faculty;

       to receive faculty prices for University sponsored events; and

       to utilized the Payne Center at regular faculty prices.