USM Teaching Forum

  • March 26th  (Monday)  Understanding Gender Dynamics in the Classroom  Dr. Marie Leonard
    12:15 pm - 2:00pm University Ballroom , Hardy Hall
    This forum provides an introduction to sociological studies on gender dynamics in the classroom and provides a time to define and clarify concepts such as sex, gender and sexuality.
  • February 9 (Monday)  Building the Advisor and Student Relationship  Dr. Kathleen Shea Smith (Guest Speaker)
    12:15 pm - 2:00 pm  University Ballroom, Hardy Hall
    (This was schedule for  Feb 11. Note the change of date--the date will be updated on the LEC page) 
  • March 18th (Wednesday)  Helping to Bridge the Gap - Panel and Group Discussion
    12:15 pm - 2:00pm  University Club , Hardy Hall   
    (Note: The change in location for this forum)
    As a mid-semester look at the remediation techniques in our courses, we will discuss the approaches that appear to be working and those that are not. What can we change to empower and enable our students to become better students?
  • April 1 (Wednesday)  Finding a way to complete the Equation:Teaching +Research+Service =100%  
    Panel and Group Discussion
    12:15pm - 2:00 pm  University Ballroom, Hardy Hall
    Pulled in several directions, we must find ways to meet the obligations of teaching, research and service. As we near the end of another academic year, we will look at ways to complete the equation. What happens when we have to let something go for a while in one area to meet the needs in another? Are there better ways to balance the equation? How can we as an academic family support one another? ​

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