2012 Graduate Students

Please join me in welcoming the 2012 cohort of graduate students in the Department of Psychology. These students were selected from over 300 applicants received in the Deparment and admitted to one of five graduate training programs in the Department. All Psychology graduate students complete coursework and research training in their respective programs; students in the applied programs will complete a sequenced set of applied training experiences designed to prepare them for professional practice. We are pleased to have such a qualified and enthusiastic group of students joining our Deparment this year! They are pictured below by program.

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Students

Joyce Lui, Corey Brawner, Maren Hankey, Joe Finn,
Stephanie Pennings, and Elizabeth Fair





School Psychology Doctoral Students

Emily Ness & John Lum
Hannah Cavell, Zachary LaBrot, Komila Dadakhodjaeva, &
Allison Battaglia





Experimental Psychology Doctoral Students

Tiffany Baker, Adam Collier, Brittany Jones, Negar Farmini,
Erin Frick, Megan Broadway, Kelley Winship, Jose Gomes





Counseling Psychology Doctoral Students

Daniel Deason, Caitlin Ayers, Margo Villarosa, Sarah Burghaus,
Lauren Osborne, Brittany Courtier






Counseling Psychology Master's Students

Whitney Mixon, Ben Wu
Missy Brame, Kaila Christman, Claire Corban,
Chris Morabito, Bailey Bennett, Mary Latady