Keith Radley

Assistant Professor

Research and Professional interests

Dr. Radley’s research focuses on interventions for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, social skills training, peer-mediated interventions, and classwide interventions for increasing academic engagement. He is director of the Southern Miss Autism Research and Treatment (SMART) Lab, which provides assessment and intervention services to children with autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Radley teaches graduate courses in psychoeducational assessment and supervises clinic and school-based practicum. He teaches undergraduate courses in child and developmental psychology.

For more information about Dr. Radley’s research and the SMART Lab:

Current Teaching

  • Psychoeducational Assessment I (PSY 642)

Recent Publications

Contributions to reference texts: 

Clark, E., Radley, K., Farley, M., & Jenson, W. (in press).  Males on the autism spectrum.  In R. D’Amato (Ed.), Neuropsychology of men. New York: Springer.

O’Neill, R., Jenson, W., & Radley, K. (in press).  Challenging behaviors in ASD.  In F. Volkmar, R. Paul, A. Klin, & D. Cohen. (Eds.), Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders (3rd ed.).  Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Peer reviewed articles:

Radley, K., Jenson, W., & Clark, E. (in preparation).  Implementation of parent training and coaching procedures in social skills training for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Jenson, W., Clark, E., & Radley, K. (in preparation).  Utilization of peers in training children with autism spectrum disorders.

Block, H., Hood, J., Radley, K., Jenson, W., & Clark, E. (in preparation).  Evaluation of an evidence-based multi-media social skills program for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Published Educational Products:

Jenson, W., Clark, E., Bowen, J., Block, H., Gabrielsen, T., Hood, J., & Radley, K. (2011) Superheroes Social Skills: A Multimedia Program.  Eugene, OR: Pacific Northwest Publishing.