April 2013
Initial meeting with President and Provost regarding QEP 2016

May 2013
Launch QEP 2016 website.

June 2013

Present information regarding the University's first QEP and introduce the process for initiating the second QEP to President's Cabinet at retreat.

August 2013

Identify members of the QEP Topic Selection Task Force with input from Provost, academic deans, and Faculty Senate President

September 2013

Hold first meeting of the QEP Topic Selection Task Force
Meet with the University's Institutional Leadership Team for Reaffirmation of Accreditation by SACSCOC

October 2013

QEP Topic Selection Task Force designs process for selecting the topic 

November 2013

Explain the nature and purpose of the QEP to the University community.  
Announce timeline and process.
Announce and advertise Call for Topics.

December 2013

Continue Call for Topics through end of Fall 2013 semester (December 13, 2013)
Analyze data from Call for Topics.

January 2014

Announce findings from Phase I: Call for Topics.
Announce and advertise Phase II: Call for Proposals.

February 2014

Continue Call for Proposals.
QEP Topic Selection Task Force develops evaluation tool and develops process for public commentary on proposals.

March 2014

Seek public commentary on proposals. 
Consult with primary units impacted by top proposals.

April 2014

QEP Topic Selection Task Force reviews public commentary and ranks proposals.
Meet with Institutional Leadership Team.

May 2014

Institutional Leadership Team and Executive Cabinet reviews recommendations of QEP Topic Selection Task Force and makes final decision.