Group Exercise Class Descriptions

30/20/10: Only have one hour and need a good, full-body workout? Thirty minutes of cardio, twenty minutes of strength training and ten minutes of core will allow everybodyand anybody to have a fullbody workout!

A total body workout for all levels! From the nonswimmer to the elite swimmer, this class provides
cardio and strength benefits while creating less stress and strain on the joints by working against them with
the resistance of the water, props and buoyancy devices provided. Lifeguard on duty.

Back 2 Abs
: Full 30 minute class, yet 20 minutes of INTENSITY. This class focuses on strengthening the
abdominals and lower back muscles to help preserve your core.

Body Beats:
No more counting repititions! With this high-engergy workout, exercises will be counted to the beats
of the music rather than in your head or on the hands of a clock. This class incorporates total body toning with
cardio and strength training using little to no weights throughout the workout.

Body Bootcamp: Join us for this P90x inspired class to finally get the results you are looking for.  Body bootcamp consists of muscle-burning strength moves incorporating your body and cardio endurance at the same time.


Bootcamp Blast: With only limited time during lunch hour this class is short, sweet and right to the point. This 30 minute class will use both cardio and strength training exercises to give you an all-around workout.
Butts N Gutts: Need a new way to focus on the lower body during a workout? Butts N Gutts helps participants concentrate on the abdominals, lower back, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles through a variety of movements.

Cardio Kickbox:
Need an hour of cardio? You've come to the right place! This class combines some basic, and a few advanced, kickboxing moves that will keep you on your toes and moving to a fast beat. No prior kickboxing training required!

Challenge yourself to be the fittest you’ve ever been with this intense training program
with the Personal Trainers. The workouts are functional and varied with calisthenics, plyometrics, free weights,
kettle bells, bands, stability balls and the BOSU to train your muscles. ALL levels (beginner-advanced) are welcome!

Pilates is a body conditioning class that teaches strength, balance, flexibility and endurance for all
major and minor muscle groups. This class puts emphasis on breathing techniques and focuses on core
movement and spinal alignment.

This isn't your ordinary Pilates or Yoga class. PiYo speeds everything up by introducing
dynamic, flowing sequences that can burn serious calories as you lenghten and tone your muscles and increase your flexibility.

: NEW TO THE PAYNE! POUND is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant
simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses
into a 45-minute series. Class maximum is 15 partipicants.

Rock Solid: This class defines itself from the rest because of its emphasis on muscular endurance. Rock Solid
uses mainly free weights and resistance bands to help you achieve a sculpted upper and lower body through
strength training movements. All levels are always welcome!

Stretch, Strength and Balance:
A one hour class designed to improve your posture,
strength and balance while increasing your overall flexibility.

Spin & Strength:
Spin & Strength will begin in the Spin Studio with about 20-30 minutes of spinning and
then will end upstairs in either the Magnolia or Dogwood Studio with strength training movements that will
incorporate your full body. Come join us for this fun fusion of a class.

Step N Sculpt:
This class incorporates both cardio and weight lifting into one unique session.
Get your daily bout of cardio in by stepping up to a beat, then continue on with weight training
techniques that keeps your heart rate up and your muscles activated. Rhythm can be required,
but don’t get discouraged! Practice makes perfect!


Total Body Tone: A strength training class that used a variety of equipment to maximize your strength and define muscles of the entire body.


TurboKickTM: Like to dance? Like choreographed classes? Enjoy basic kick boxing? We have got the class

for you! This high intensity and fast paced class will get any heart rate bumping along with the hottest
music mixes around!

 Athletic cardio funky dance fitness with world beats and urban flavor.