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Fitness Assessment

 $15 $15

Body Fat Percentage

 $5 $5

1 Session

 $25 $20

3 Sessions

 $75 $60

5 Sessions

 $120 $95

8 Sessions


12 Sessions


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note: can be purchased only after a purchase of 3 or more sessions



Our summer deal is here! Beginning on June 8 until July 24, when you purchase 8 personal training sessions you will receive 2 free sessions! This cannot be combined with buddy packages or fitness assessments; however, you can take advantage of this deal multiple times over the course of the summer! 


If you are interested in kick-starting your workout or getting some extra attention for your current fitness journey, please stop by our Fitness Assessment Center (FAC) Monday - Thursday 3 PM until 5:30 PM to speak with one of our trainers. See you at the Payne!