Section 3: Eligibility

Article 1: Identification
Each individual must present a current Southern Miss ID or active REC card and photo ID in order to participate in any Intramural Sports activity. If an individual cannot provide valid identification, that individual will not be allowed to participate.

Article 2: University Status
All undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at the university are eligible for Intramural Sports activities. All faculty and staff are required to purchase a REC card to participate in Intramural Sports.

Article 3: Summer Eligibility
All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in summer courses at the university are eligible to participate. Students enrolled in the previous spring semester, who have not graduated, and intend to enroll in the fall, are eligible to participate provided that they purchase a REC Card. 

Article 4: Co-Rec
All students, faculty, staff and their spouses are eligible to participate.  All spouses must purchase a REC Card to participate in Intramural Sports.

Article 5: Varsity Athletes
Any current varsity athletes who practice with a college during the current academic year will be ineligible to participate in their or a related sport. This includes prop team members, redshirt athletes and transfer students from any college or university. University rosters will be consulted in dealing with player eligibility. 

Article 6: Club Sports Members
Intramural Sports team rosters may include up to two sport club members for a sport related to their club for sports that require five or fewer players, and teams can have three sport club members if the sport requires six or more players. This shall include anyone who participates in any club game or practice.

Article 7: Fraternity and Sorority
Each Greek organization must be officially registered and in good standing with the Greek Life Office in order for that team to participate in the fraternity or sorority division. Any individual playing under a fraternity or sorority name must be registered under that organization through the Greek Life Office. 

Article 8: Professional Athletes
Students ineligible for varsity competition because of professional rank are prohibited from competition in the intramural sport(s) or related sport(s) in which they have professional standing.                                                                                    

Article 9: Ineligible Players
Upon submission of a Player Eligibility Protest, the Intramural Sports staff will investigate the eligibility of the participant(s) in question.  The follow criteria classify an ineligible player:

  1. Any person participating without his or her name and ID number on a roster, or found in violation of the rules and regulations of Intramural Sports, is an ineligible player.
  2. Any ineligible person participating in an Intramural Sports activity shall be suspended from all Intramural Sports activities and reinstated only after a meeting with the Intramural Sports coordinator.
  3. Any games in which an ineligible player participated shall be forfeited.
  4. A player competing under an assumed name will be suspended from Intramural Sports competition for the remainder of the school year and will be placed on probation for the following school year.
  5. If a team knowingly plays with an ineligible player or intentionally attempts to break the rules, that team will be dropped from the league and will not be eligible for playoffs.

 Article 10: Eligibility Protests
Protests concerning player eligibility must be submitted to an Intramural Sports supervisor before or during the contest in question. The protest will be ruled on by the Intramural Sports coordinator the following day.