Women's Lacrosse

 About Southern Miss Women’s Club Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a team sport that involves 12 players playing at once on the field. Much like soccer, field hockey, and basketball, it takes endurance and coordination to play. No lacrosse experience is required. The only requirement is that you must have played a sport in high school.  Our lacrosse program is a completely run student organization. From fundraising to volunteering we are fully involved. Our program has developed over the past few years and every year we improve in increasing the number of committed new players. We have kept our traveling roster at 13, but we hope to increase it to at least 20 this semester. This is where we need your help! Our main season is in the spring, but we do play a few games for fall ball. Even though fall is not the official season, we do hold our players to the same responsibilities as the spring season. The spring games consist of mostly travel games with a few home games. We do charge each player our set fee for player dues to help with this expensive sport! These dues cover your equipment, extra team merchandise, and travel fees. Don’t hesitate to jump on this great deal! To prepare for these games we practice Monday and Wednesday nights under the football stadium lights from 8:30-10:30! We encourage everyone to come out to a practice and give this fun competitive sport a try! See you on the field!