Center for Research Support

The Center for Research Support provides assistance at any or all steps in the research process. Assistance ranges from simple advice to total involvement in the process. In the statistical process, the research consultant tries to ensure that clients are fully aware of what is being done so that the process becomes educational as well as useful.

Assistance includes:

    • Reading and critiquing grant proposals to check the evaluation component or statistical procedures (if necessary, planning such components)

    • Designing or revising a research instrument to ensure that it will answer the questions the researcher has posed

    • Validating an instrument to determine the reliability and validity of the scores it produces

    • Selecting a sample so that correct generalizations are possible with the results

    • Conducting the survey/re search within appropriate ethical constraints and within the guidelines of the USM Institutional Review Board

    • Compiling the data, with appropriate coding, into computer-readable files

    • Analyzing the data with appropriate statistical procedures and with safeguards against data snooping

    • Displaying the results appropriate to the original questions of the research

    • Teaching seminars or classes on statistical software (particularly SPSS and AMOS) or on statistics/research

    • Providing consultation to users whose research articles receive a “revise and re-submit” request from a journal

  • Providing support on designing and implementing program or project evaluation