Chemical Safety & Chem Tracker

General Lab Safety:  Follow the link to Lab Safety Workspace website.  Click on the Course Directory and select a course from their directory.  The course called Introduction to Lab Safety is an excellent course for new student researchers.  Registered participants will receive a certificate upon course completion that can be used in the Lab Management Plan (LMP). 

Lab Management Plan

The ChemTracker Consortium is a collaboration of colleges, universities and other not-for-profit organizations using the ChemTracker software developed by Stanford University that maintains a comprehensive and active campus chemical inventory. All chemical purchases enter the inventory upon receipt and be “tracked” until disposal via a bar coding system. Adherence to the system is mandatory for the entire campus community. Chem Tracker will allow immediate online chemical information on chemical demographics, location, regulatory information, as well as up to date safety information (MSDS).


Chem Tracker Powerpoint

Chem Tracker Inventory Form

Emptied Chemical Container Form

USM Chem Tracker Login

Contact - EHS for username and password information


Instructions for Labeling Chemical Waste

Laboratory Waste Handling Guidelines