Internal Awards

Innovation Awards

The University Research Council solicits nominations from each dean for the annual Innovation Awards. Faculty members can make recommendations to their chairs, who will provide a list of names to the dean. Deans will consult with their College Research Committee to narrow the field to two nominees per category and will send a list of nominees from each college to the URC for selection.

Photo of 2013 University Research Awards Day honorees

2013 Innovation Award recipients were honored at the University Research Awards Day (URAD) on November 8, 2013. Honorees and the awards they received include, from left, Steven Barthelme, English, Creative Activity Award; Dr. Scott Piland, Human Performance & Recreation, Multidisciplinary Research Award; Dr. Mike Madson, Psychology, Applied Research Award; Dr. Ed Jackson, Anthropology, Academic Partnerships Award; Dr. Alan Shiller, Marine Science, Basic Research Award; Dr. Sabine Heinhorst, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Lifetime Research Award; and Jennifer Downey, College of Health, Research Advocate Award. (University Communications photo) Read the related article here.

Photo of participants in the URC poster session during LETTERS Day in 2010

Scott Klingler, assistant professor of library and information science, talks with Dr. Mary Green of USM Sponsored Programs Administration during the poster presentation session of Lives Enriched Through Their Endeavors: Research and Scholarship (LETTERS) Day Oct. 29, 2010 on the Hattiesburg campus. (University Communications photo by Steve Rouse) LETTERS Day was later renamed "University Research Awards Day." 

Archived News Releases About LETTERS Day (now University Research Awards Day)

Listing of URC Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity Awards (Innovation Awards) 


  • Amal Mitra, College of Health (Lifetime Achievement)  
  • Robson Storey, College of Science and Technology (Basic Research) 
  • Steven Venette, College of Arts and Letters (Applied Research) 
  • Rebecca Morgan Frank, College of Arts and Letters (Creative Activities) 
  • Susannah Ural, College of Arts and Letters (Academic Partnership) 
  • Jerome Kolbo, College of Health, (Multidisciplinary) 
  • Ted Tomeny, College of Education and Psychology (Graduate Student) 
  • Diana Lovejoy, College of Science and Technology (Research Advocate) 


  • Sabine Heinhorst, College of Science and Technology (Lifetime Achievement)  
  • Alan Shiller, College of Science and Technology (Basic Research Award) 
  • Mike Madison, College of Education and Psychology (Applied Research)
  • Steven Barthelme, College of Arts and Letters (Creative Activity)
  • Ed Jackson, College of Arts and Letters (Academic Partnership)
  • Scott Piland, College of Health (Multidisciplinary) 
  • Andrea Spofford, College of Arts and Letters (Graduate Student)
  • Jennifer Downey, College of Health (Research Advocate)


 The 2010 Poster Session