University Research Council


(Accepted on April 27, 2015)

The purpose of the University Research Council (URC) shall be to serve as an advisory body to the Vice President for Research on matters pertaining to the development of research and creative activities at The University of Southern Mississippi. To this end, the Council is responsible for recommending to the Vice President for Research, policies and procedures which will enhance the ability of The University of Southern Mississippi to realize its potential for distinction in research, creative, and scholarly activities.


  • To serve in an advisory role to the Vice President for Research
  • To provide a forum for discussion and to make recommendations to the Office of Research Integrity, Office of Research Administration, and other University Committees, Councils, and Offices concerning policies and procedures related to the research enterprise at The University
  • To recognize excellence in research, creative activities, and scholarly activities
  • To  sponsor an annual University Research Awards Day


  • Monthly meetings are held during the academic year
  • Members solicit issues of interest or concern from their colleagues
  • Members give feedback and reports from URC to their colleagues
  • Minutes are taken by the Office of Research Administration. After approval, minutes are posted on the URC webpage
  • Reports are given by the Office of the Vice President for Research, Office of Research Integrity, and Office of Research Administration at the monthly meetings


On-going; URC holds monthly meeting during the academic year (August – May); a “pre-event” meeting is called prior to University Research Awards Day and attended by the session and event chairs; other special meetings maybe be called by the Chair, Vice-Chair, or by the Vice President for Research.


  • A fully engaged research enterprise at USM
  • Mechanism to recognize, honor, and reward outstanding researchers and scholars


The Chair in consultation with the Vice-Chair may make decisions of a routine nature. Decisions of broader impact or that require budgetary support will be taken to the URC membership with the Vice President of Research having final decision responsibility.


The URC serves in an advisory capacity to the Vice President of Research.


Elected faculty representatives from each academic unit and University Libraries shall serve staggered three year terms of office.  Representative from the Faculty Senate serves a one year term.  Terms will be extended if necessary to fulfill service obligations for URC Chair,Vice-Chair, and University Research Awards Day chair.. Members may serve two consecutive terms without a break in service.

Ex Officio members (non-voting) are:  
   Vice President for Research
   Office of Research Integrity
   Office of Research Administration.