Whom to call in an emergency

In the event of an emergency, you should dial 911 from any of The University of Southern Mississippi's campuses or facilities. Callers should remain on the line to ensure dispatchers have the correct location.

Calls from a land line will be directed either to University Police (Hattiesburg) or base security (Keesler Air Force Base and Stennis Space Center). Calls from a cell phone will be directed to the appropriate local jurisdiction. 911 dispatchers in the Hattiesburg area will redirect calls to University Police as soon as they determine the emergency is on campus.


University Police

  • 911 (emergency)
  • 601.266.4986 (non-emergency)
  • Bond Hall, First Floor West

Gulf Park Campus, Long Beach

Campus Security

  • 911 (emergency, directed to Long Beach Police Department)
  • 228.214.3430 (administrative office)
  • 228.214.3501 (security office)
  • 228.234.2068 (24-hour-duty cell phone)

Keesler Air Force Base

  • 911 (emergency, directed to Harrison County Emergency Dispatch Center)
  • 228.377.3040 (base security)

Stennis Space Center

  • 911 (emergency, directed to Hancock County Emergency Dispatch Center)
  • 228.688.3636 (security department)