Career Day 2014

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February 19—Resumes

Rusty Anderson, director of Career Services will provide students with advice on how to put together a resume that sings in time for Career Fair, March 19.

February 26—Portfolios

It's time to start thinking about that portfolio, how it looks, what it contains and why you should or should not change it. Lydia Walters, the communication and human resource manager for Dixie Electric Power Association in Laurel, heads a group of professionals and SMCJ faculty who will be taking porfolios during the noon-1pm hour. Learn what kinds of thinks make up a successful portfolio and how you can add to your portfolio as you move toward graduation.

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March 5 -- Working a Career Fair

Rusty Anderson will return to talk about the best ways to get the most from a Career Fair and from networking with professionals in the field you wish to enter.




Career Days Banner 2014

 2014 Career & Internship Day
Wednesday, March 18 & 19
Keg & Barrel, College Hall 3rd Floor

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2 - 4:30 p.m., Portfolio Reviews are scheduled in College Hall, room 202. Students will have the opportunity to sign up for a time for various professionals in the mass media industry to review and critque their portfolio of work. Professionals reviewing profolios will be Lynda Lesley, Cirlot Agency; Robert Lesley, Atmos Engery; Lydia Walters, Dixie Electric Power Association; Joe Sciortino, David McRaney, Randy Swan and Rachel Beech all from WDAM; Lisa Parker, Mississippi Public Broadcasting; SFC Marcus Patterson and SPC Lamont Bradford of the MS National Guard; David Womack, Oven Bird Music; Reid Wick, The Recording Academy; Britney Westbrook and Olivia Ann Hurst from University Communications; Lici Beveridge, Hattiesburg American; Phyllis McCullum, WHJA Radio; David Gustafson, Hub City Spokes.

5:30-8 p.m., Socail gathering and networking with faculty, staff, students and professionals at Keg and Barrel.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

8 a.m. - 1 p.m., Guest Lecturers--As part of the MCJ & EI classes in College Hall, students will receive advice from professionals on the first steps into the real world. Guests lecturers include David Gustafson, editor/publisher of Hub City Spokes; Lisa Parker, public relations specialist at Mississippi Public Broadcasting; Randy Swan, news director at WDAM; Margaret Ann Morgan, reporter for WDAM; Vanessa Pacheco, reporter for WDAM; Joanne Marsh, public relations manager with Pine Belt Mental Health; Reid Wick, senior project manager for The Recording Academy; Lynda Lesley, vice president and creative director with The Cirlot Agency; Robert Lesley, director of public affairs at Atmos Engery; and many more!!

1 - 4:00 p.m. Career Fair 2014, College Hall 3rd Floor

Hattiesburg Convention and Tourism Center
The Guice Agency
Simon Serves Sons
Hattiesburg American
USM Career Services
Mississippi Public Broadcasting
American Red Cross
Pine Belt Mental Health
Mississippi National Guard
Mississippi College Law School
Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative
School of Mass Communication and Journalism Graduate Program
Southern Miss Association of Black Journalists
The Recording Academy
WHJA Radio
Public Relations Association of Mississippi
Supertalk Mississippi
The Focus Group
Mississippi Press Association
Blackney Communications
University of Southern Mississippi Office of Communications

**For more information, call 601.266.4258**