The film emphasis is designed to prepare students for positions with large and small motion picture production companies, federal and state agency production units or for self-employment as independent producers, directors or production specialists.

The film emphasis is available only on USM's Gulf Park campus.  Students who pursue the degree can spend two years in Hattiesburg and complete their film courses in two years on the Gulf Coast. 

Film Skills Sequence (27 hrs):
FLM 351 — Foundations of Filmmaking
FLM 370 — Film History
FLM 371 — Basic Cinematography
FLM 470 — Contemporary Cinema
FLM 471 — Advanced Cinematography
FLM 472 — Writing for Television and Film
FLM 478 — Seminar in Film (Writing Intensive) 
FLM 479 — Film Theory and Criticism
FLM 485 — Film Editing (Capstone)

Film Electives (3 - 6 hrs): 
Consult with your adviser for FLM course options


Requirements for a minor in Film: (18 hours) 
(Courses only offered on USM Gulf Park Campus)

FLM 351 — Foundations of Filmmaking
FLM 371 — Basic Cinematography
FLM 370 — Film History or FLM 470 — Contemporary Cinema
FLM 479 — Film Theory

Six additional hours of FLM courses at the 300/400-level.

Note: Students who choose FLM 471 — Advanced Cinematography must also take FLM 485 — Film Editing.