Global Music Industry

Students in front of the lions in Trafalgar Square; London, England

Take your Recording Industry experience to
a whole new level in London!!

The Southern Miss British Studies Program includes a course, Global Music Industry, which is an in-depth course in the heart of the music business world; London, England.  The course is an involved exploration into multiple aspects of the music business led by Drew Young. Students will have the opportunity to meet with some of the world’s top music executives (former meetings included executives from Spotify, iTunes, 88TC88, Digital 7, etc).  The program allows students to have a unique experience in conversing on a more intimate level with each lecturer as well as class discussions while earning six hours towards their degree. Guest speakers provide valuable information on management, marketing and networking strategies that are crucial in the world of the music business.  Students will be able to receive hands on experience in some of the most advanced recording studios in Europe, and tour major manufacturing facilities of production consoles such as SAE. Participants network and make real world contacts in the fields of music publishing, studio merchandising and live performance management.

 As if that wasn’t enough, students will also have a brief exploration into Amsterdam for another view of the music business across the pond.  Participants in the program will have the chance to experience Holland’s huge cultural landscape and meet more major executives. Whether in England or in Holland, students have the chance to branch out of the classroom to see Europe as a local and make memories of a lifetime.  All of greatest music experiences are only a tube stop away!

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