Internships for Mass Communication & Journalism Students (excluding recording industry)

Internships provide students in the School of Mass Communication and Journalism with work experience prior to entering a chosen career field. Once a student has completed 18 hours of skills courses in a SMCJ major, it’s time to start identifying and planning to do an internship. Here’s what to look for:

  • The chance to work with someone who is a professional in the field you are studying. You are seeking to identify a mentor from whom you can learn first hand about the daily stresses and structure of working in your field. You are also seeking a work experience that may help you begin building or adding to your portfolio.
  • A work experience opportunity that will afford you at least 160 hours of work over the course of a semester.

Three hours of class credit is available for internships that meet the qualifications listed above.

Some internship opportunities may not meet these requirements, but are still worthwhile for the student to pursue. These internship opportunities may be centered around a single or short-term project that do not afford the time investment required for class credit. These are still worthwhile endeavors and should be considered by both students and internship providers as work experiences that will pay off in experience or resume/portfolio material.

Students should contact Maggie Williams for more information about internship opportunities.

The Internship Process: Finding an internship is up to the student, but there are resources available to help in that process. The internship packet can be a helpful tool in getting started (see below). You can also contact Maggie Williams to set up a time to talk about the internship process.

The Internship Packet: To help students prepare for an internship, a packet has been prepared with some helpful guidelines. Download it here: Internship Packet (PDF). This packet also has a two-part application that needs to be completed if you want to get class credit for the internship. Part 1 is your information; Part 2 is information about the internship, usually completed by the internship provider.  You must complete both forms before you can register for the internship class. If you have questions about the registration process, please contact Maggie Williams.

Internship provider information: If you have an internship opportunity available for a student or questions about how to begin an internship working with students in the School of Mass Communication and Journalism, contact Maggie Williams (601.266.6746, for all majors except recording industry. If you currently have an intern and need an evaluation form to chart that intern’s progress (in all majors except recording industry), download it here:Evaluation Form (PDF).