News Editorial

This program is designed to prepare students for positions in the news media (print and online) as reporters, editors, and writers. All News-Editorial students are expected to do practical work on The Student Printz student newspaper.

MCJ Core (12 hrs):
MCJ 101 — Survey of Mass Communication
MCJ 102 — Introduction to Media Writing
MCJ 103 — Literacy Skills
MCJ 200 — Digital Media Production (MAC laptop required)
MCJ 454 — Media Law & Ethics

News - Editorial Skills Sequence (15 hrs):
MCJ 203 — Reporting
MCJ 300 — Multimedia Storytelling (Writing Intensive) 
MCJ 303 — Investigative Strategies for Journalists
MCJ 311 — News Editing and Design 
MCJ 402 — Advanced Reporting (Capstone)

MCJ Values Elective (6 hrs):
(Select two of the following)
MCJ 342 — History of Photography
MCJ 355 — Gender, Race and Media
MCJ 407 — Media Theory
MCJ 450 — History of Journalism
MCJ 455 — Media Ethics
MCJ 460 — Media Law
MCJ 461 — Mass Media History
MCJ 462 — Media Criticism
MCJ 463 — Media Management and Economics

MCJ Electives (3 - 6 hrs): 
Consult with your adviser for MCJ course options


Requirements for a minor in News Editorial: (20 hours)
MCJ 102—Intro to Media Writing
MCJ 200—Digital Media Production (MAC laptop required)
MCJ 203—Reporting
MCJ 311—News Editing & Design
MCJ 312—Graphic Design
MCJ 454—Media Law & Ethics

Select 1 course from the following: 

MCJ 301—Feature Writing
MCJ 303—Investigative Strategies
MCJ 355—Gender, Race & Media
MCJ 403—Specialized Reporting
MCJ 405—Problems in Publication Production
MCJ 461—Media History
MCJ 462--Media Criticism
MCJ 463—Media Management and Economics