Recording Industry Management

The Entertainment Industry degree with an emphasis in recording industry management is a Bachelor of Science degree that requires a minor in management from the School of Business. Students are prepared for participation in the fields of artist management, live concert business, music copyright administration and record company operations. All management majors begin with the major core of coursework which includes introductory classes in Mass Communication in general and to the music business in particular, as well a study of copyright basics. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of our multiple, extra-curricular opportunities to provide extra hands-on experience. Internships, participation with South City Records (student-run record label) and study abroad opportunities are all available for students eager to make the most of their education.

Recording Industry Core (16 hrs):
MCJ 101 — Survey of Mass Communication
MCJ 103 — Literacy Skills
MCJ 200 — Digital Media Production (MAC laptop required)
EI 200 — Recording Industry Collegium
EI 303 — Recording  Industry Survey
EI 461 — Entertainment Law

Recording Industry Management Major Requirements (18 hrs): 
EI 370 — Talent Management (Writing Intensive) 
EI 431 — Music Publishing
EI 432 — Record Company Operations
EI 441 — Live Production Business
EI 470 — Recording Industry Seminar (Capstone)

Select one of the following:
EI 300 — Introduction to Audio Production
EI 421 — History of the Recording Industry

EI/MCJ Electives (3 - 6 hrs):
MCJ 429 — Internship (Strongly recommended)

Non-MCJ Requirements:
MUS 165 — Music Appreciation

Students who choose the recording industry management emphasis are required to major in management through the Department of Management and International Business in the College of Business.


Requirements for a minor in Recording Industry Management (18 hours):

EI 303 —Recording Industry Survey
EI 370 —Talent Management
EI 432 —Record Company Operations
EI 441 — Live Production Business

Select the remaining six hours of electives in consultation with an advisor in the School.