Social Media and British Journalism

2011 Social Media and British Journalism Class in London


Make study abroad part of your Mass Communication education!!

USM’s British Studies Program includes British Journalism and Social Media, a course that provides students with a look at the world of “Inky wretches, oddball bloggers and talking heads” each summer in London. The course, taught by Maggie Williams, will take you from racy tabloids with the latest on Prince William and Lady Gaga to the raucous commentary that often sparks legal action. The four-week course finds you based in the heart of London with easy access to all that city has to offer. The class uses London and the surrounding area as its classroom, visiting all aspects of the British media. Students learn the who, what and why of Britain’s communication industry in print, broadcast, public relations, advertising, photo and film AND become more literate in the world of social media through blogging, videography, photography, and podcasting. Appropriate for any major, our student MoJos (Mobile Journalists) compile a body of work online as they develop and stretch their practical and academic skills in one of Europe’s most exciting cities. Experience in traditional journalism and/or social media technology helpful but not required. Students return to the U.S.with a nuanced understanding of the global news marketplace with hands-on, marketable experience using the very technology the marketplace demands.

Interested? Check out the 2015 class Facebook page ( to learn more about the course, British Journalism and Social Media, contact Maggie Williams at or  go to the International Programs website to learn more about the British Studies Program and its offerings along with other study abroad opportunities available at Southern Miss.