Science and Engineering Fair Volunteer Opportunities

It's that time of the semester, K - 6th SCIENCE & ENGINEERING FAIR!!!! We are excited to host over 600 K-6th grade students to compete in the Regional Fair. This is a big group and we need your help. Helping out is easy as 1 2 3!!!

1. Judging:

We need judges on Wednesday, April 9th to help these little tykes grow up to be great scientists and that starts with YOU! These K-6 students see our judges as role models and helping them meet real scientists will encourage them to continue studying science by choice. All you need to qualify is one college level science course. Use the link below to sign up!

When: Judges meeting 10:30a; Judging rom 11a-2p *Lunch provided for all Judges

WhereReed Green Coliseum NW Concession Stand

There is no set time commitment, you can come and go as your schedule permits. 

2. Helping Set-Up:

There are going to be approximately 600 K-6 graders in the Coliseum Wednesday, which means Tuesday, April 8th, we are going to need help preparing for the students to be on campus. This includes setting up tables for their posters to be displayed on, laying out t-shirts, and setting up the judging area. Use the link below to sign up!

When1p til we are finished or you need to leave

WhereOn the basketball court

There is no set time commitment, you can come and go as your schedule permits. 


3. General Help During Fair:

600 K-6 students on Wednesday, April 9th means a lot of errands and crowd control will be needed on the day of the fair. We need a lot of monitors to help keep the students from getting to rowdy and to keep the parents in their seats, not on the competition floor. We also need help running errands, tallying judge sheets, and checking for project violations. Use the link below to sign up!


WhereReed Green Coliseum - on the basketball court

There is no set time commitment, you can come and go as your schedule permits. 

More Details Below:

Morning Jobs (7a-11a): 

7a-9:30a: Helping students find their projects. Some of these students are tiny and the tables are big, help them find their way to their project display area. 

9:45a-10:30a: Project Violations Check -- students are really excited and proud about their projects and they want to bring EVERYTHING to show off. However, some things aren't safe to have with 600 kids milling around. We need your help to check all the projects and make sure they are safe for everyone around.

Afternoon Jobs (11a-6p): 

11a-2p: Monitoring the Competition: Parents are excited for their students and want to stay with their kids, but that isn't allowed so we need to help keep parents in the bleachers. Also, students want to let loose some of their energy and play, but that makes judging hard. Monitors will try to keep the peace and keep students near their projects.

2p-3:30p: Project Removal: Help student take their projects down and out to their cars while they wait for the awards ceremony to start. 

4:30p-6p: Clean-up. There are a lot of tables that will need to be folded and stacked, shirts to be put away, and the judging area to cleanup. Any help we get would be great!!!!


I can't wait to see you there!!!!