Executive Branch

The Student Government Association Cabinet coordinates the university’s five signature events, which include Homecoming Week, the Miss USM Pageant, Lighting the Way for the Holidays, The Big Event, and Eaglepalooza. The makeup of Cabinet is composed of the five event committees and unique committees created each year by the SGA President.  Through the  Student Advocacy Committee, SGA Cabinet works closely with Senate to seek the needs and wants of the student body. The primary goal of this committee is improving communication between the SGA and the students we serve. Additionally, members of Cabinet sit on numerous university committees, contributing to the campus at-large. There are also three auxiliary groups within Cabinet: Election Commission, Philanthropy Commission, and Freshman Associates.  Freshman Associates,  the freshman branch of SGA, is a component of Cabinet that focuses on developing leadership skills through service, event planning, public relations, and more.The SGA Cabinet focuses on student outreach, programming, community events, and public relations. Cabinet selection occurs each spring after the election of the five executive officers.”