Judicial Branch

The Judicial Board of the Student Government Association is comprised of nine members appointed by the sitting Attorney General of the SGA.  Five of these members are appointed on odd numbered years and four members shall be appointed on even numbered years.   All of these appointments are made by the Attorney General through an application process that is usually held during the Spring Semester after the General Elections.  The Judicial Board has the original jurisdiction in all cases concerning violations of university regulations by an individual.  However, accused students may choose to have their cases heard by the Dean of Students.  Also, the Judicial Board has the sole authority of any and all cases concerning violations and interpretations of the SGA code and Constitution.  Lastly, the Judicial Board works with Parking Management in all cases concerning appeals to ticket citations with students.  This board is comprised of students for the benefit and rights of students.  We stand firm in the belief that we are here for the student body and will do everything in our power to make sure that our students are always treated fairly, honorably, and with justice.