Members of the Executive Cabinet

Butler Administration 2012-2013

Freshman Associates Advisors: Marketing/PR:
John Hii   Executive Director: Shawn Gatlin
Mollie McCarroll Committee:
Allen J. Moore Billy Barnes
Moriah Moorer Kierra Garner
Jacob Pucheu  Alyssa Kelly
      Samuel Newman
Student Advocacy: Mary Sergeant
Executive Director: Marcus Williams
Initiatives:   Event Programming:
Anna-Claire Burns Executive Director: Tim Wells
Brandon Hersey Homecoming:
Ebonie Hopkins Director: Ashley Darda
Ashley Jones   Assistant Director: Gavin Snyder
Meghan Lind   Committee:
Outreach:    Hannah Curtin
Morris Bevily, IV Blake Evans
Collette Eubanks Carmen Moore
Candice Luckett Thurston Robertson
Margaret Rose Shaw Lighting the Way:
      Director: Serena Williams
Pageant:   Assistant Director: Ryan Jones
Director: Taylor Booth Committee: 
AssistantDirector: Brandon Baker Stephen Cobb
Committee:   Allyson Jones 
Shonice Musgrove    
Bridget Page   Eaglepalooza:
Zurich Thomas Co-Directors:
      Lyneal Griffin
Big Event:   Katherine Miller
Director: Julia Bradley Bailey Montgomery
Assistant Director: Jacob Barry Christian Myrick
Committee:   Ashley Taber 
Anthony Curry Christopher Thompson-Walls
Gerald West   Yuronda Powell
Elizabeth Whitehead    


The 2012-2013 Cabinet will meet Mondays at 4:30 p.m.