We Are All One Big Eagle Family

This story submitted by Scott and Andrea Lanehart.

We did not know each other before attending USM. He’s from Baton Rouge and I’m from Mandeville. I’m also a year older than him – a fact he never lets me forget!

We began dating in March 1998 (15 years ago. Wow!). We met through mutual friends before that, but never dated. Our first date was the DG Anchor Ball. I remember having to ask a friend what his first name was because everyone called him “Lanehart,” and I didn’t want to call him that on our date. We’ve been together ever since. We’ve both said that we knew that night that we’d be together forever. Crazy!

Scott proposed to me for Christmas in 1999. He was about to graduate and move away to Georgia for training. So, we decided to exchange Christmas gifts together at his apartment in Mark IV. I was completely surprised! We ran straight over to tell some of his friends, who lived a few buildings over. Such good times and wonderful memories!

We have always cherished our times going “home” to Hattiesburg since we’ve been married with kids. We live in Baton Rouge now, so it’s like making a trip down memory lane for us, and an immediate reminder of our lives together from the very beginning. Our times spent catching up with old friends are always the best. From the day we began dating, his friends (most of which I did not know before) welcomed me into their group with open arms. They are now our lifelong friends and truly our extended family. In our eyes, the greatest thing about Southern Miss, and the thing that brought us both to school there, is the people. We are all one big Eagle family!

Scott and Andrea Lanehart
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