Becoming More Than “Just Friends”

This story submitted by Davis and Ashleigh Morgan.

My wife and I met in the fall of 2007 at Southern Miss. Ashleigh was a junior and I was a freshmen. The first time we met was at a back-to- school ice cream social that was put on by Reformed University Fellowship, one of the Christian campus ministries. We became friends quickly and spent countless hours in the Starbucks in Cook Library. Some of my fondest memories of my freshman year were made playing cards in Starbucks, taking study breaks together or climbing the oak tree in front of Kennard-Washington Hall.

The campus minister for RUF-USM, Ben Shaw, encouraged me in my obvious crush on Ashleigh. I finally worked up thecourage to ask her out in December 2008, a few days after she graduated with a nursing degree. She turned me down in as sweet and caring of a way as possible, leaving the friendship intact. After that we carried on as friends, even though she moved to Jackson to work at a hospital. We stayed in constant contact even though we dated other people.

My senior year I finally decided to take another shot. By then, Ashleigh had taken a travel nursing job in Las Vegas. So, I decided that, rather than asking her out, I would just take her out without permission. After I graduated in May 2011 with a history degree, I flew to Las Vegas and told Ashleigh we were going on a date, whether she liked it or not. We went to In-and-Out Burger for our first date. Thankfully, she didn’t hate it, and she let me keep taking her out. A year later, we got married. We had the rehearsal dinner for our wedding in the Ogletree House.

Davis and Ashleigh Morgan
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