A New Perspective Of Southern Miss

This story submitted by Cissy Robertson.

It was so beautiful to see the campus when I drove up on Hardy Street recently.  I loved the massive trees around the lake, and I got tears in my eyes when I saw they were all gone. Living here all my life, I never realized how beautiful those historic buildings were – until this morning when I saw the overall layout and the original message the architects wanted to communicate to the world. With College and Southern halls on each side of the dome, the site was unbelievable. I can’t explain the feeling. The huge columns and the enormous dome are a reminder of the university’s history. Even the broken fence and the Alumni House added a certain quality showing the world we will rebuild.

Driving on the highway, you see the Trent Lott Center, The Rock, the new residence halls and construction, which all represent the technology and advancement for USM. Driving on Hardy Street, you see the history and pain the university has experienced, and it brought a new perspective to me. All of these views paint a complete picture of how the university will come back no matter what obstacles we must overcome.

Thinking about this makes me very proud that I started working at USM only one year ago and how I want to make a difference for the students.


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