A Proposal On The Football Field

This story submitted by Paul and Shannon Sims.

Shannon and I have been together coming up on eight years – we originally met in 2005.

Our actual first meeting date is debated, but we settled on April 15, 2005, as our first official date. We met for the first time at the SAE Fraternity house, just in passing. We actually had several friends try to fix us up beforehand, but nothing ever panned out.

I did propose to Shannon on campus in 2009 on the field at the Tulsa football game. Around the first of this year, Dad and I had planned a trip to go to Miami for this weekend. At some point, I was informed of a little contest that USM was having, where they gave away a diamond but the catch was, you have to propose on the field at the USM v. Tulsa Game.

Well I signed up, never thought I would win, and kind of forgot about it. I had actually bought a diamond about an hour before the contest, then found out I won and had to cancel my order.

I had to cancel the Miami trip, but kept up the story that I was still going on the trip. I had to call and get Shannon off work for the weekend, and get her dad to make sure she was at the game.

She had no idea what was going on until she saw me walk onto the field. Couldn’t have gone any better. We got married in 2010.

I’ve recently moved my Insurance business back to Hattiesburg, while she is finishing her Nurse Anesthetist degree in Memphis, TN. We’re hoping everything will work out to allow us to stay in Hattiesburg. As for the memories…we’re still making them.

Paul and Shannon

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