Terms and Conditions

Some sections of the website www.usm.edu are used for marketing and promotions managed by the Office of University Communications at The University of Southern Mississippi (USM). Promotions may sometimes solicit user submissions of content.

1. Eligibility & User Registration

Anyone 18 or older is eligible to submit content. By submitting content, users agree to USM’s terms and conditions for the site and for the use of their submissions.

2. Content

By making a submission, a user consents to its display and publication. The user is solely responsible for the content submitted.

USM reserves the right to publish approved submissions, or portions thereof, on the website, as well as USM’s other web-based channels, including social media properties; other digital communication formats; in print materials; and through any other promotional or marketing platforms.

Users waive any rights to content once it is submitted and grant USM a worldwide, irrevocable and royalty-free license to copy, transmit, excerpt, broadcast, distribute and otherwise publish content through any current or future technologies.

USM reserves the right to follow up with users whose story submissions may be considered to be appropriate for expanded marketing features. However, making a submission does not obligate a user to participate in a marketing campaign.

USM reserves the right to edit user submissions for spelling, grammar and brevity before publishing.

Submission of content does not guarantee that the content will be published. USM reserves the right to delete content deemed inappropriate; libelous; defamatory; fraudulent; obscene; pornographic; abusive; threatening; in violation of copyright, trademark or intellectual property laws; or otherwise illegal.

Users may not, for example, upload images as part of their submissions if they do not hold the rights to those images.

Users agree not to submit content that is false, misleading or otherwise malicious. Impersonating someone else and submitting content in his/her name is prohibited. Content determined to have been falsified will not be approved, or will be removed from the site if already published.

USM will delete a user’s post at the user’s request, or at the request of anyone who indicates that a post was made about him or her without consent. Contact uc@usm.edu

Where enabled, a “share” feature allows anyone to promote an individual submission through his/her personal social media accounts or to send the submission via email.

Any other attempts to re-publish, re-transmit or otherwise reproduce content for commercial purposes without USM’s expressed written consent is prohibited.

If anyone brings a claim against us related to your actions, content or information on www.usm.edu, you will indemnify and hold USM harmless from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs) related to such claim.

3. Privacy

Users who submit content waive any expectation of privacy for said content.

USM gathers no private information other than email address from its registration process, and will not use email addresses for any group solicitations or promotions.

However, USM does reserve the right to follow up with a user via email to learn more information about his/her story for a possible marketing feature.