Meet the Staff

The Southern Miss Speaking Center is directed by Dr. Wendy Atkins-Sayre, Associate Professor of Communication Studies. The Coordinator, Carley Reynolds, oversees the day-to-day operations. The graduate and peer consultant team is composed of graduate and undergraduate students who have all completed our nationally certified (by the National Association of Communication Centers) training program.

 Dr. Wendy Atkins-Sayre, Director

Dr. Wendy Atkins-Sayre, Director 




Carley Reynolds, Assistant Coordinator



Carley Reynolds, Coordinator. I am an encouraging tutor who always strives to give my clients the confidence to perform their best. I try to meet the student at their level to help them succeed. Specialties: Informative speeches, interviewing, group presentations, finding sources/information




Austin Allen, Peer Consultant


 Austin Allen, Peer-Consultant. I am a tutor who believes that a good speech starts with a good foundation. I place a big emphasis on brainstorming and have a toolbox full of strategies to make the speech writing process easy and enjoyable. I will help you build confidence in a comfortable atmosphere that encourages you best work possible.


Aleke Vehos, Peer Consultant




Aleke Vehos, Peer-Consultant. I am passionate about being a very friendly tutor. I think it is important to be enthusiastic and show genuine care and concern. Specialties: critical thinking, organization, delivery, visual aids


Sana Solangi, Peer-Consultant




Sana Solangi, Peer-Consultant. As a peer consultant, I like to help clients overcome any obstacles they may have when speaking in public.  I also want to help people realize their true potential, by listening to the client and encouraging them to take the next step forward. 
Specialties: Delivery, Informative and Persuasive speeches, PowerPoint presentations, and presenting in a professional setting.


Joshua Hitchcock, Peer Consultant



Josh Hitchcock, Peer-Consultant. My tutoring philosophy entails being open and friendly. I also have an attitude of always being willing to help and I am someone who cares. Specialties: Persuasion, delivery, business-setting 


Dulana Reese, Peer Consultant




Dulana Reese, Peer-Consultant. I am a positive helping hand with an open mind for ideas. I am a person who helps and encourages critical thinking, while remaining supportive and professional; I promote confidence. Specialties: delivery, speech anxiety, building rapport with clients


Lakelyn Taylor, Peer Consultant



Lakelyn Taylor, Peer-Consultant. I am a tutor who tries to get clients interested and excited about their projects. I try to ensure that every client feels as confident about their assignments as much as I possibly can. I try to use my knowledge about communicating to help clients reach a new level with their assignment. Specialties: Structure, outlining, delivery, visual aids.


Azaria Hill, Desk Assistant




Azaria Hill, Desk Assistant. Azaria is a senior majoring in Speech Pathology with a minor in deaf education. You can describe Azaria in three words: Eat, Pray, Scandal. Azaria loves cooking and traveling! On her travels to Europe she visited Italy and France including the Notre Dame Cathedral. Azaria’s biggest obsession, though, is the hit television show Scandal.


Charles Marshall, Desk Assistant



Charles Marshall, Desk Assistant. Charles is a junior double major in foreign language and acting. Charles was able to march in President Obama’s second inauguration. He also loves barbecue of any kind (let’s hope he kept his band uniform clean!). Charles biggest claim, though, is that we was a background actor in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. 

  J.D. Rimann, Peer-Consultant

J.D. Rimann, Peer Consultant. As a History and English double major, I believe that crafting a great speech begins with putting together a  solid written foundation. As a peer-consultant, then, I place a premium on assisting my clients in laying that foundation, helping them build up their confidence as they are constructing their speech. Specialties: organization and structure, debate, non-verbals, and delivery