Meet the Staff


The Southern Miss Speaking Center is directed by Dr. Wendy Atkins-Sayre, Associate Professor of Communication Studies. The Coordinator, Carley Reynolds, oversees the day-to-day operations. The graduate and peer consultant team is composed of graduate and undergraduate students who have all completed our nationally certified (by the National Association of Communication Centers) training program.


Dr. Wendy Atkins-Sayre, Director 






Carley Young, Coordinator. I am an encouraging tutor who always strives to give my clients the confidence to perform their best. I try to meet the student at their level to help them succeed. Specialties: Informative speeches, interviewing, group presentations, finding sources/information



Mo Ismail, Peer-Consultant  


Mo Ismail, Graduate Peer Consultant. Communication is an essential aspect of life regardless of its format. Thus, my goal is to lead you towards solidifying a strong and positive foundation for communicating effectively and creatively. During sessions, together, we will focus on organizing your overarching message and fine-tuning delivery. I am ecstatic in the prospect of working with you! As well as establishing an energetic and comfortable environment that will help you produce exceptional work that is to your liking and makes you proud.


Piyawan Charoensap-Kelly, Graduate Peer Consultant. I believe everyone can become a competent communicator and am eager to help my clients realize their potentials. I like to create a comfortable but energetic atmosphere for my clients and find creative ways to help them achieve their goals. Specialties: Organization and structure, research/ finding sources, and business presentations.   

Sean Fourney, Peer-Consultant




Sean Fourney, Graduate Peer-Consultant. I focus on organization and delivery. An audience loves a speaker or presenter who is prepared and energetic about their topic.

Austin Allen, Peer Consultant






Austin Allen, Peer-Consultant. I am a tutor who believes that a good speech starts with a good foundation. I place a big emphasis on brainstorming and have a toolbox full of strategies to make the speech writing process easy and enjoyable. I will help you build confidence in a comfortable atmosphere that encourages you best work possible.


Aleke Vehos, Peer Consultant


Aleke Vehos, Peer-Consultant. I am passionate about being a very friendly tutor. I think it is important to be enthusiastic and show genuine care and concern. Specialties: critical thinking, organization, delivery, visual aids


 Lakelyn Taylor, Peer Consultant 





 Lakelyn Taylor, Peer-Consultant. I am a tutor who tries to get clients interested and excited about their projects. I try to ensure that every client feels as confident about their assignments as much as I possibly can. I try to use my knowledge about communicating to help clients reach a new level with their assignment. Specialties: Structure, outlining, delivery, visual aids.


Joshua Hitchcock, Peer Consultant


 Josh Hitchcock, Peer-Consultant. My tutoring philosophy entails being open and friendly. I also have an attitude of always being willing to help and I am someone who cares. Specialties: Persuasion, delivery, business-setting 









  J.D. Rimann, Peer-Consultant

J.D. Rimann, Peer Consultant. As a History and English double major, I believe that crafting a great speech begins with putting together a  solid written foundation. As a peer-consultant, then, I place a premium on assisting my clients in laying that foundation, helping them build up their confidence as they are constructing their speech. Specialties: organization and structure, debate, non-verbals, and delivery


  Nathan Sims, Peer-Consultant  

Nathan Sims, Peer-Consultant. I am a tutor that wants you to enjoy your speech or presentation. I believe this starts with being comfortable with your speech, so I place a lot of focus on organization and delivery. Specialties: organization, delivery, persuasive speaking, and group discussions.



Chelsea Campbell, Peer-Consultant Chelsea Campbell, Peer-Consultant. As a peer consultant, my passion and duty entails making the verbal aspect of communication fun, comfortable, and effective. I am ecstatic about helping students do their absolute best on speeches and presentations, as well as becoming more confident and comfortable with public speaking in general. Specialties: outlining, delivery, visual aid, debate, critical thinking! 

Jonathan Bridenbaker


Jonathan Bridenbaker, Peer-Consultant. When it comes to the speech writing process, I really like to emphasize outlining as the most essential step to the process. With a clear outline that shows the link that each body point has to the topic/thesis, the speech writing process becomes so much easier and more organic. I also love helping to create attention-getters, develop transitions, and construct persuasive speeches.